Terms and Conditions

Through the Terms & Conditions the ARA Retail Institute ensures all students & clients are aware of their responsibilities and the fees and charges associated and with enrolment in a course and/or services with ARA Retail Institute. The ARA Retail Institute aims to provide clear and accessible information to students upon enrolment which includes the fees and chargers prior to and throughout their enrolment and/or other involvement with ARA Retail Institute.

    1. Students and persons seeking to enrol in a course with ARA Retail Institute are advised of all fees and charges associated with a course, including course fees, administration fees, materials fees and any other charges on the relevant Course Outline, student information and on ARA Retail Institute’s website.
    2. Organisations and other clients seeking to enter into a service delivery agreement with ARA Retail Institute will be notified of the fees and charges associated with the agreement in information and proposals provided to them prior to entry into the agreement.
    3. The information provided to each student and/or client will include:
      1. The total amount of all fees including course fees, administration fees, materials fees and any other charges.
      2. Payment terms, including the timing and amount of fees to be paid and administration fees.
      3. Any fees and charges for additional services.
      4. ARA Retail Institute’s Refund Policy.
    4. By accepting these Terms and Conditions persons seeking to enrol with ARA Retail Institute must read and understand the Fees, Charges and Refunds Policy before signing their student acceptance agreement on the enrolment form.
    5. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you are confirming that you fulfill all entry requirements for the Course in which you are enrolling.
    6. Statement of Fees
      1. All students will be required to sign a payment agreement at the time of enrolment which outlines the total course fees, payment terms and schedule of fees. The statement of fees is designed to provide clear and concise information to the student about applicable fees and charges and provide options for payment.
      2. The student acceptance agreement provided on the enrolment form is seen to be an acceptance of all fees and charges associated with the student’s enrolment.
      3. If you are under 18 years of age, ARA Retail Institute will process this written agreement and the enrolment attached hereto once it has been signed by your parent or guardian. By signing this written agreement, your parent or guardian agrees to be bound by the terms contained herein and shall become legally responsible for all payments to ARA Retail Institute with respect to your Course.
    7. Student Fees Cover
      1. Unless otherwise specified, course fees include the cost of all compulsory training and assessment materials (Online or hardcopy). Any optional textbooks and materials that may be recommended but not required for completion of the course are not included in course fees and will be an additional cost should the student wish to purchase such materials.
      2. All course fees include up to three (3) attempts at assessment per unit. Where an additional assessment is required in order to achieve competency, ARA Retail Institute reserves the right to charge a student, except for state funded students, an additional re-assessment fee in accordance with the fee table provided on the relevant Payment Agreement.
      3. For reissuing of a qualification testamur or academic statement, an additional fee will be incurred at the rate provided on the relevant payment agreement.
    8. Terms and Methods of Payment
      ARA Retail Institute accepts the following methods of payment;

      • Direct debit
      • Direct bank transfer
      • Credit card (VISA & MasterCard only)
    9. Direct Debit Payments
      1. Where the payee has indicated on their payment agreement that fees are to be paid by direct debit, this option is only valid where the form is accompanied by a Direct Debit Request Form. The form must be appropriately and accurately completed and in line with the approved direct debit payment schedules. Where a Direct Debit Request Form has not been provided, the payee will be issued with an invoice which is to be paid within seven (7) days. It is the payee’s responsibility to ensure that ARA Retail Institute receives an accurate and completed Direct Debit Request Form in order to take up the direct debit payment option.
      2. Direct debit request forms must indicate payment terms according to one of the approved direct debit payment schedules provided on the payment agreement.
      3. Where a default occurs in direct debit payments due to insufficient funds or otherwise, ARA Retail Institute will contact the payee to make alternative arrangements for payment. ARA Retail Institute reserves the right to refuse a payee the option to pay by direct debit where there have been 2 or more defaults on payment during a direct debit term.
      4. Direct debit dishonour fee of $15 will be charged in the event of dishonour of fortnightly instalments and will be collected from the next payment.
    10. Credit Card Payments
      1. Credit card payments (VISA & MasterCard only) can be made over the phone or via the enrolment form.
      2. Optional workshop and class fees must be paid for at the time of booking in order to make a reservation. Where a booking needs to be cancelled, 72 hours notice of cancellation must be provided in order to receive a refund.
    11. Payment Schedule Application Process
      An application for a payment schedule must be completed in the section for Fee Payment Plan on the Course Application Form at the time of enrolment. A student seeking a pay via payment schedule cannot start a course unless a payment plan has been approved.The authorised staff member will set payments according to the ARA Retail Institute payment schedule. A schedule of agreed payments will be issued and payments must be received by the due dates set out in the schedule.Payment Schedule Approval and ScheduleThe criteria for a standard payment schedule arrangement include:

      1. Adequate identification to be provided to verify current name, address, contact details
      2. The student does not have a written-off debt with the ARA Retail Institute;
      3. The student does not have any previous payment plan instalments currently outstanding.

      Payment schedule will be offered on monthly repayment schedule and unless otherwise specified the total payment plan shall be completed at least 30 days prior to the end of the student’s program of study (course) for which payment plan has been provided.

      Full payment of tuition fees must be made in the required instalments as set out in the instalment payment table as indicated below (workbased, online or classroom delivery)

      Failure to make a scheduled payment will result in the termination of the agreed tuition fee payment plan, resulting in the full outstanding balance becoming immediately due and payable and may lead to suspension of the training delivery.

    12. Issuance of Qualifications
      1. Upon completion of a course and provisions of all necessary documentations and USI and once all fees have been paid, the printed qualification or certificate with a statement of results will be issued and sent to the registered address of the student. When a student withdraws from a course and once all final fees have been paid, a statement of attainment will be sent to the student’s registered address.
      2. ARA Retail Institute reserves the right to withhold the issuing of qualifications and academic statements until all fees have been paid.
    13. Late Payment
      1. Where a student is more than thirty (30) days overdue with payments, ARA Retail Institute reserves the right to suspend training services until payment is made to bring fees up to date.
      2. Students who are experiencing difficulty in paying their fees are invited to call our office to make alternative arrangements for payment during their period of difficulty.
      3. For long-term outstanding amounts, ARA Retail Institute utilises the services of a debt recovery agency to ensure the collection of all fees.
    14. Payment Plan
      A varied payment plan may be approved if a student has difficulty in paying the full amount. Payment plan arrangements can vary between courses and may not be available for all applicant.
    15. Refunds
      Refer to Refund policy

      • Please complete Refund Application form to apply for any refund
      • The outcome of the refund assessment will be provided by written notice to the student’s registered address, outlining the decision and reasons for the decision along with any applicable refund or adjustment notice.
    16. Student Responsibilities
      Students are expected to complete study requirements within the set timeframes. Planning your time is essential, and will require you to set aside a number of hours on a routine basis to work through your training material and assessments. Establishing this routine helps you to be better organised and more able to meet your goals. If you need help with planning your time, ask your trainer or workplace supervisor. Take note of your training plan which will indicate assessment dates.As a student of ARA Retail Institute it is your responsibility to:

      1. Liaise with your trainer, especially regarding site visits and assessments
      2. Site visits to be scheduled during work hours between 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday.
      3. Manage your time effectively
      4. Give 72 hours notice of inability to attend workshops or appointments. ARA Retail Institute reserves the right to impose a workshop cancellation fee at its discretion.
      5. Inform your trainer if you become aware of anything that will impact on your training progress
      6. Develop your skills through the completion of additional self study as required
      7. Demonstrate commitment, motivation and enthusiasm
      8. Work cooperatively with other students & ARA Retail Institute
      9. Meet training plan obligations
      10. Keep appointments with your trainer
      11. Seek regular feedback from your trainer
      12. Understand and agree to the financial terms & conditions
    17. Technology Requirements
      Participants enrolled into the program must have computer literacy and technically competency to work within an interactive online environmentThe participants are required to have internet access and basic technology skills when undertaking this qualification.For more information, please see Complaints and Appeal Policy and Procedures