SIR30216 :: Certificate III in Retail

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in retail operations.

Work would be undertaken in various retail store settings, such as specialty stores, supermarkets, department stores and retail fast food outlets.


Target Audience

Participants enrolling in this qualification generally are jobseekers interested in retail industry. They are typically individuals to be competent in the role of frontline retail team members who use a defined and limited range of operational skills to undertake workplace activities. They are involved in mainly routine and repetitive tasks and work under direct supervision of others.

The student cohort will have little to no industry experience and will be job seekers that require job ready skills to enter the industry. In addition, ARA Retail Institute’s research indicates that the participant’s main objective in participating in these programs is to find employment

Career Opportunities

Job roles

Individuals with this qualification are able to perform roles, such as:

  • frontline sales assistance
  • customer service representative
  • shop assistant
  • retail supervisor
  • team leader
  • senio sales assistant.

Entry Requirements

The participants are recommended to have the Internet access and basic technology skills when undertaking this qualification.

Entry requirement questionnaire including LLN is undertaken during the enrolment / prior the commencement of the course. Where the indicatives outcomes of participants who require additional support for their language, literacy and numeracy skills would be reviewed on case by case situation.

Education Pathway

The qualification provides a pathway to work in a diverse range of retail settings including specialty retailers, supermarkets, department stores and quick service restaurants.

Pathways into the qualification

Individuals may undertake the qualification with little or no experience in the industry.

Pathways from the qualification

After achieving SIR30216 Certificate III in Retail, individuals may undertake:

  • SIR40316 Certificate IV in Retail Management

Course Information

Course Structure

Cost and Duration

Full Price: $ 3,300

Government Funding Information

This program is delivered over a period of 5-7 months to allow time for the development of the underpinning workplace skills and the completion of workplace projects.

Participant Handbook

Participant Handbook ()

This program is delivered over a period of 1 -2 months to allow time for the development of the underpinning workplace skills and the completion of workplace projects.


ARA Retail Institute offers various intakes across Australian states throughout the year.

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