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Business Solution Team

The Retail Institute has a diverse business solutions team who support our clients with large scale education or consulting projects. The team has the capacity and resources to take the challenge out of planning, implementing and evaluating large scale accredited and customised training programs delivered either in one region or at a national level. The Retail Institute acts as an education facility that is an extension of many of our clients businesses and allows them to focus on the areas they need to while our project teams manage our areas of specialisation as a support to the process.

Garry Terrill

Director - Retail Institute

Mick Soldatovic

Head of Client Relations

Ashley Payne

Employment Development Manager

Rachel Duflou-Weymouth

Book Keeper

Yuliana Wu

Senior Data Controller

Sandy Shen

Student Services Administrator

Yvonne Chow

Resources and Talent Coordinator

Riady Santoso

Resources Development Manager


The delivery of the specialised programs within the Retail Institute is supported by the diversity of skills in our retail facilitators. With strong industry specialisations the facilitators are equipped with comprehensive resource kits as the framework for the workshops and deliver engaging and entertaining learning experiences. We recognise our point of difference is the quality of our people and respect their skill set as a significant part of our clients learning experiences. Relevance and engagement in the learning experience is important to the Retail Institute and it is critical our clients experience currency and quality from our facilitators.

Alison Stout


Brooke Roberts



The Retail Institute consultants are highly skilled specialists with diverse retail industry backgrounds who support retailers with a diagnostic approach to understanding business issues and defining solutions. Each of the consultants brings the standards of industry best practice with a level of personalisation to allow for variations in business size and circumstances. Our consultants work closely with hundreds of retailers every year and build significant understanding of the common challenges faced by retailers in business planning, talent management, product buying, visual merchandising and marketing.