National Disability Employment Initiative

About the ARA and the National Disability Employment Initiative (NDEI)

For many years the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) Retail Institute has delivered Jobseeker training programs that aim to inform retail employers of opportunities to employ people with disabilities and also providing the Retail Employment Program to their clients.

The ARA was awarded the funding to deliver the National Disabilities Employment Initiative in October 2013. The objective of this program is to align activities that deliver objectives of the initiative on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Department of Social Services (DSS).

In August 2013, the Australian Government announced their commitment of $1.6 million to fund the National Disability Employment Initiative (NDEI). This initiative is aimed at developing innovative ways to increase supported employment opportunities for people with disability with an emphasis on the relationship between improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities through links to local community and employers.

In October 2013, the NDEI awarded Australian Retailers Association via the Retail Institute funding to facilitate an Employment Broking program model for the Retail sector.

The Retail Institute Disabilities Employment Broking Program (RIDEBP) aims to deliver positive messages that:

  • Advocate for employment of jobseekers with a disability by creating links to employment opportunities in the Retail
  • Create a credible and reliable opportunity to jobseekers with a disability to enter or re-enter the workforce
  • Educate retailers about real or perceived misconceptions that continue to create barrier to employment for jobseekers with a disability

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