Lead and Develop Staff

22712789565-19345463Building a strong team culture, setting clear goals for performance, and motivating and leading team members are essential for business success. It is also critical that the appropriate profile and number of staff are available to drive the business and that legal and regulatory requirements for the engagement of staff are fully reflected in organisational practice


This high level workshop will step you through the application of a clearly thought out leadership style to build your organisation’s talent plan with a strong team culture and then set clear goals for performance appropriate to organisational objectives. Learn how to use effective communication to lead the team to motivate, empower and develop your staff.

The Workshop Covers

  • Building the Organisation’s Talent Plan
  • Employing a Leadership Style Appropriate to Organisational Objectives
  • Leading the Team with Effective Communication
  • Managing Performance, Motivation, Empowerment and Development

Level: Intermediate – Advanced |  Target Function: Executives, Directors, Head Office Staff

Upcoming Short Courses

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