Indigenous Employment Broking Program

The ARA Retail Institute has partnered with the Department of Business and Innovation to assist with the delivery of the Bridge to Work program, part of the Aboriginal Economic Development Program as part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to bridging the gap for Aboriginal disadvantage.

The gap between unemployment rates of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people has grown bigger despite economic times improving since the Global Financial Crisis and this is no different within the retail sector.

Australia’s retail industry is a $240 billion sector which employs over 1.2 million people. As with the majority of industries within Australia, Aboriginal people are significantly under-represented in retail. The Bridge to Work program will address this issue by offering Aboriginal people quality retail employment opportunities, retail based training and will focus on skills directly relevant to working in retail.

The ARA Retail Institute works closely with organisations to employ Aboriginal people and provide the following support services:

  • Find suitable candidates
  • Provide cultural awareness training
  • Mentor candidates
  • Assist with developing an Indigenous Employment Strategy
  • Build a relationship with the local Indigenous community
  • Identify suitable training programs

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