Enrolment Processes


If you are a Workshop (classroom learning) participant:

  • Candidate will receive a welcome and/or courtesy email from our Student Service upon enrolment. The email may contain:
    • Participant Handbook
    • Schedule of your training with the units you will complete during your course
    • Venue of your training
    • Facilitator details of the session(s)
    • Your Group Manager name and details (if applicable). Group Manager is your mentor during the life of your course.
  • All enrolled candidate will receive an email remainder approximately a week prior to their allocated session delivery. The email will detail all relevant information that is needed for their attendance to the session. Candidate is also required to undertake Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test. Once the LLN needs are identified, ARA Retail Institute may make some recommendations to support your study. The recommendations may include but not limited to
    • Additional mentoring support
    • External program appropriate to you needs
    • Redirection to appropriate course.
  • If a student is not able to attend a session, please notify our Student Service or your Group Manager for catch-up session ASAP
  • ARA Retail Institute reserves the right to contact employer if the candidate did not turn up for a session
  • Candidate will be issued a login detail to our e-learning platform where you can peruse all your course materials prior to induction day.


If you are a Work based (employment learning) participant:

  • Once a candidate has enrolled into a training program, one of our trainer will contact you and your employer to arrange for an induction visit to begin your training
  • The assigned trainer will also negotiate an individual training schedule with you and your employer depending on availability of all parties. Candidate is also required to undertake Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test
  • The assigned trainer will visit a student regularly for training and assessment. During the life of your course, the assigned trainer will provide candidate with supports needed to help a candidate navigate the content of the course as smoothly as possible. Trainer can be contacted anytime within reasonable hours via email or phone
  • Candidate will be issued a login details to our e-learning platform where you can peruse all your course materials prior to your induction day.

Job Seeker

If you are a Job Seeker participant:

  • Candidates are nominated by their employment provider. The number of subsidised training places is limited by location and group
  • Candidates are enrolled in a group information and evaluation session to assess their suitability and eligibility to participate and potentially receive funding
  • Anyone currently undertaking nationally recognised training from 1 January 2015 will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI). For more information on how to get USI, please use this link
  • Post the information and evaluation session the ARA Retail Institute will identify the candidates eligible for subsidised funding. Please find below the required proofs of eligibility for concession fee and fee exemption
    • Eligible candidates WITH a Concession Card will be required to pay a mandatory enrolment fee of $160 (no GST)
    • Eligible candidates WITHOUT a Concession Card will required to pay the mandatory enrolment fee for a first qualification of $870 (no GST) and second or further qualification of $1040 (no GST)Exemptions: Candidates may be exempt from paying a mandatory enrolment fee if they have been identified Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin and assessed as with disability*
    • Ineligible participants will be required to pay a full qualification fee for service (FFS) of $2,000 (no GST)
  • Local ARA Retail Institute coordinator will advise the outcomes for candidates enrolled into a group post the information session to confirm the service offer and acceptance.