Chemical Security Program

Use online training to influence staff chemical security awareness and to encourage good chemical security management practices in your business.
The Chemicals of Security Concern online training helps equip businesses with the knowledge to recognise the national security risks associated with chemicals of security concern, and to adopt protective security measures to minimise the risk of chemicals being used in terrorist attacks in Australia.


The online training product is designed to raise awareness and promote understanding of the Code across all industry sectors.


The chemicals of security concern online training course supports the objectives of the National Code of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern (the Code) by promoting awareness and understanding of the Code across industry.

The Code applies to 11 high-risk chemicals that could be used to make homemade bombs. It sets out a process to help Australian businesses take practical steps to prevent chemicals being misused by terrorists to make explosive devices.

The Code encourages Australian businesses to consider and examine their own risks from a national security perspective and to take steps to reduce the risk of their chemicals being stolen or diverted for terrorist purposes.

This online training course aims to provide participants, including business owners, managers and frontline staff, with an understanding of the serious and real threat of diverted chemicals and will explore how participants can implement practical security measures to keep chemicals out of the wrong hands.

About the Content

The chemicals of security concern online training course is structured around a series of interconnected modules, which build on core concepts and key learning points and are targeted at different industry sectors and roles.

Module one contains essential background information, and should be completed by everyone before proceeding to other modules.

The list below outlines which modules are recommended for specific groups:

  • Business owners, retail managers and front line retail supervisors should complete modules one, two and three
  • Frontline retail staff should complete modules one and three
  • Transport business owners and supervisors should complete modules one, two, and four
  • Frontline transport staff should complete modules one and four
  • Staff working in laboratories should complete modules one and five, and
  • Laboratory managers and front line supervisors should complete modules one, two and five.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the importance and application of the Code
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of business in applying the Code
  • Identify tools and processes for effectively managing risk
  • Facilitate security awareness within the business context
  • Identify the responsibilities of front-line staff in applying the Code, and
  • Identify where to access resources and avenues for support, guidance and advice.

How to access the platform

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  6. Select Chemical Security – 2014
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