Access and Equity Policy


This policy sets out the access and equity principles under which the Australian Retailers Association –Retail Institute operates.


In keeping with the philosophy of the organisation the Australian Retailers Association Retail Institute aims to ensure access to its services giving special assistance and consideration to members of the community who are disadvantages. All services, programs and processes undertaken by the Institute will be guided by the following key principles:

  • The environment within the Institute and Institute programs shall be free of discrimination and harassment. People should not experience barriers to access and participation
  • Service provision will reflect sensitivity, relevance and awareness of needs of the community
  • There will be a fair allocation of resources based on need, without compromising other participants
  • All participants have the right to express views without suffering prejudice.

Privacy Statement

Consent to collection and use of personal information.

Some of the details you have provided to us in this form are personal information and or personal and sensitive information as defined by the Privacy Act 1988. The information provided will not be disclosed to any third party, accept where ARA Retail Institute uses contracted Facilitators in the provision of your training.

As a Registered Training Organisation, the ARA Retail Institute is required to collect & report your personal information to various State & Commonwealth Government Departments.

You are able to access the information provided in this form by contacting ARA Privacy Officer. Our Privacy Officer can be contacted on 1300 368 041, fax (03) 8660 3399 or by e-mail

We acknowledge and are committed to protecting your privacy, however failure to provide the information requested in this form and information required by the various State & Commonwealth Departments will result in ARA Retail Institute not being unable to accept your enrolment and offer the proposed training to you.